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The Landing Loop™ is a simple solution the the age old challenge of docking a boat up to 65 feet long. This safe and easy to use boating accessory lets you dock a boat by effortlessly laying a docking line over a cleat, piling, or post without ever leaning or jumping off the boat! The Landing Loop™ is especially helpful if wind is blowing, the current is fast, or the water is choppy. Just make a slip knot at the end of your docking line, extend this boat pole as needed, place the frame over the cleat, and pull the line tight. Each Landing Loop™ package includes a DVD with step by step Boat Docking Instructions.

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Product Description


Benefits of Boat Docking using the Landing Loop™

  • The Landing Loop™ takes the danger out of boat docking. The tension and tugging is absorbed in the docking line instead of your body. No more tug of wars with a heavy boat.
  • Landing Loop™ reduces the risk of injury to your body or damage to boat while mooring.
  • Enhances boating safety while docking your boat
  • Use when there is no one on the dock to assist while docking
  • Detachable frame for easy storing
  • Collapsed length of extension pole is 45 inches ~ extends your dock line up to approx. 11 feet
  • Light weight, very easy to handle, and No moving parts
  • No assembly necessary

View Captain Al’s Blog for complete specs and real life stories about the Landing Loop™

Printable detailed instructions above on Detailed Instructions tab.


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