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Never Jump Off Your Boat Again While Docking… Just Reach for Your LandingLoop™

Say goodbye to banged up knees, twisted ankles, broken arms and costly repairs caused while docking a boat. The Landing Loop™ can provide assistance while boat docking. It will extnd a docking line to a cleat or piling without requiring you to jump off your boat. With an 11 foot reach, the Landing Loop™ will become your favorite docking tool.

Look What our Customer’s Say

Such a simple concept and idea that works perfectly. Docking couldn’t be easier with the Landing Loop. My wife/Firstmate has used it on cleats and dock poles with ease which sure takes some of the stress out off docking in tight places fighting currents and wind!

Frank S.

I am sold on this device!

My husband bought me a Landing Loop to simplify the docking process. I was skeptical, but I was wrong. My favorite use is not in snagging a cleat when docking, but in grabbing a bollard when we’re locking through a dam. Winds can shift and force the boat away from the wall, and my lasso isn’t very accurate. This landing loop is foolproof. I don’t make a slip loop over the tines to catch a bollard. I loop the eye of the line over my cleat and stretch the middle of the line across the tines, dropping it over the bollard when we’re close enough. Pull in the slack, and secure the line. First try, every time! I can’t imagine cruising the Tennessee River without it.


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